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Welcome to the Wajas Wiki!

The wajas wiki is intended as a resource for both new and old users to find general to specific knowledge about Wajas. For example, the Wiki aims to have guides with information on all of the items on the site, along with guides on basic topics such as how to navigate Wajas, how to earn WC, getting your first waja and how to use HTML on Wajas. The Wiki is a community run project, which means that you can help out too! To help with the project, you must first request an account. When requesting an account, include a personal biography (this can be edited later, so it doesn't need to be too detailed) and also your Wajas ID. Without a Wajas ID, your account request will not be accepted. After submitting the account request, send a PM to Lammy at account #722 on Wajas, to let her know that the application has been submitted. The request will be reviewed and accepted if you have followed the guidelines.

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Wajas Wiki News

October 26, 2014

Halloween is here! Images for the Halloween 2014 items are being added as they are obtained. Don't forget to knock on the OWF's door every hour, and remember that it is an hour after you last visited, not each clock hour. So if you visit her at 6:05am, you cannot trick or treat again until 7:05am.

September 28, 2014

September items have been added and updated. Lots of mutations have been updated, with potentially more to come! The Forum Goblins event is continuing, and we are expecting to see at least one more raffle in the near future. Keep checking in to both Wajas and the wiki!

August 3, 2014

Hello, Wiki! It's August and as you all well know, the Forum Goblins Event is in full swing. We are working hard to get pages and images up for those items. We also saw a fundraising effort on Wajas in July and there is a page in the works for that, which ties into a smei-exciting (I'm excited) new feature on the Wiki: the Wajas Historical Events page. Okay, technically, it is a category, and sub-categorised in it are the years since Wajas started to now. So what is this? Well, firstly, it's a link off to the right under Resources. Secondly, since we have pages for events on Wajas such as the Forum Goblins and the 2014 Custom Sale, we realised that we should really have these things organised and linked together somewhere to make finding the information easier. This is still a work in progress and if you're an old player with helpful information about Wajas' past, I'm always open to PMs. In these year subcategories, we'll be tagging major events such as those listed above, seasonal Events (which will still have their own category, and big changes made to the site such as the release of a breed. We hope that this will make the history of Wajas more accessible to everyone. We're also working on a breeding experiment to determine the results of rainbow vs chrome markings and will have that up here and mentioned in the news as well.Finally, we appreciate your patience and understanding that the Wiki is regularly maintained by only a handful of players and so sometimes things don't get updated as quickly as we would like or are unclear. Please message me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you! ~Schwarz (29193)

July 8, 2014

Hello, Wiki! It's been a while! As breed art continues to be upgraded on wajas, we'll be continuing to update it here on the wiki, though redoing item images will wait until we confirmation that the updates are finished. During this time, you may notice that, for example, the picture of the African with Butterfly Wings still looks like the old one. If this happens, try refreshing with F5 like you would on Wajas. If we've updated the image, this will allow you to see the new version on your browser. Also, a reminder to everyone that the Wiki is a community run project, but is regularly maintained by a handful of players who are volunteering their time and working hard to update and improve it. We're people and sometimes we forget to edit a date or something silly. So, if you see something odd or incorrect, please feel free to send me a message about it on Wajas so that we can correct or clarify the information. Thanks, everyone! ~Schwarz (29193)

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To Do List

  • Check price estimates of items for continued accuracy by using the shop search links on the item pages and comparing it to the price listed on the page. If the price has changed substantially (by 100,000 WC or more), it should be updated on the item's page. Try to follow the pricing scheme of the existing pages. Prices should be in the format of 1,000,000 WC / 1 CWP, not 1mill, and not just the WC price. Even if it's 1,000 WC, it's still 1 CWP.
  • The Mining Cave Items page can always use maintenance with up to date information about the items in it.
  • The following items need to be on black wajas (with Black Wallpapers as needed):

Diamond Pendant, Snowball Fight Foreground, Blue Sparkler, Gold Sparkler, Green Sparkler, Red Sparkler, Hearts Floating, Wings Chibi Silver, Category:Barretts, White Lion Mane...

  • Reorganize, combine, and elaborate on many of the basic help articles.
  • Update the Custom Demo page to include a link to the HEX codes page and information about the colour selection box.
  • Do you have a suggestion for this list? Send a PM to [Lammy] or Schwarzwald on Wajas.

How to Help

You can browse around the pages on the wiki and find ways to improve them or create new pages by clicking red links or searching for page titles that haven't been made yet (Note: please only create a new page if it is a specific topic, you have substantial information on the subject, and an existing page covering that topic does not already exist). The "To Do List" should also have a list of specific things to do.

Before making any changes to the Wiki, please refer to the [to Basic Editing].

Wiki uses a unique markup system. Here are some guides to wiki editing:


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