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Welcome to the Wajas Wiki!

The wajas wiki is intended as a resource for both new and old users to find general to specific knowledge about Wajas. For example, the Wiki aims to have guides with information on all of the items on the site, along with guides on basic topics such as how to navigate Wajas, how to earn WC, getting your first waja and how to use HTML on Wajas. The Wiki is a community run project, which means that you can help out too! To help with the project, you must first request an account. When requesting an account, include a personal biography (this can be edited later, so it doesn't need to be too detailed) and also your Wajas ID. Without a Wajas ID, your account request will not be accepted. After submitting the account request, send a PM to Lammy at account #722 on Wajas, to let her know that the application has been submitted. The request will be reviewed and accepted if you have followed the guidelines.

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2014 Week 9

Featured Accessory

Dragon Armor Set

The Dragon Armor Set only works on Normal and (despite its description) Tempest breeds of waja.

2014 Week 9

Featured Wallpaper

Orange Rock Wallpaper

Orange Rock Wallpaper.

Wiki News

April 22, 2014

As you probably know, the Easter Event has begun! And we've got the goods. It's also Earth Day! Happy Earth Day, everyone! While we eagerly await the appearance of the Earth Tokens in the Token Shop, we should also take a moment to contemplate everyone's favourite little blue and green marble and what we can do to help keep it those lovely colours. I'll also accept Googling in place of contemplation.  ;P ~Schwarz

March 29, 2014

And that night a Forest grew... The Forest is here! It is officially released and the shading for it is complete! MARKINGS AND MUTATIONS FOR THE FOREST CAN BE UPLOADED NOW! Whoo! For the time being, there's no need to focus on accessories, though, since those items (numbering about a thousand or more) are still being redrawn by the dedicated artists of Wajas. Anyway, merry Spring and happy Forests, everyone! ~Schwarz

March 09, 2014

Happy March, Wikiers! Not a lot of real news to be had, but I fancied I'd check in. We're still waiting for the release of the Forest waja and until then continue to request that you PLEASE DO NOT ADD MARKING IMAGES FOR THE FOREST WAJA YET! Caps abuse is bad, but I want to make sure that anyone even glancing through might notice that.  :) We're still not 100% sure if it's done yet and we don't want to start until it is because no one really wants this to be more work than necessary. So, what are we doing in the meantime? Price checks! For the love of Apollo, price checks! When you look at an item, please check its price. For more pricing information, look to your right at the To Do list. Thanks for your help! Hopefully we'll all be back here soon with the release of the new breed. ~Schwarz

February 1, 2014

Merry merry February! And now to the important stuff: PLEASE DO NOT ADD MARKING IMAGES FOR THE FOREST WAJA YET! The image on the demo has no shading and so doing this right now will just mean that we have to redo them later after the breed is released with its final look and that means more work, which nobody wants. So sit, wait, bottle your enthusiasm, and be ready to pounce on getting the images up for that new waja! Also, if you haven't yet, check out the Wiki's Proboards, linked off to the left in the navigation menu. You can keep up with the changes, interact with other wikiers, and have a good time.Thanks again! ~Schwarz

January 30, 2014

News has been quiet on here, however lots of background work is being done to prepare for the Forest breed! Don't forget to follow the Facebook page and join the Proboards too, to keep up to date with the changes!

January 2, 2014

Welcome to the new year! A new year means new features, and you might notice the featured accessory and wallpaper of the week up there on the top right. This will be updated every week, so keep an eye out! You might see something you haven't seen before!

I have also created a proboards account for the wiki, I'd love you all to check it out and register! You can find it here:

View previous news posts here

To Do List

  • Check price estimates of items for continued accuracy by using the shop search links on the item pages and comparing it to the price listed on the page. If the price has changed substantially (by 100,000 WC or more), it should be updated on the item's page. Try to follow the pricing scheme of the existing pages. Prices should be in the format of 1,000,000 WC / 1 CWP, not 1mill, and not just the WC price. Even if it's 1,000 WC, it's still 1 CWP.
  • The Mining Cave Items page can always use maintenance with up to date information about the items in it.
  • Check images of the differently coloured Lion Manes on the Spitz breed to make sure they're up to date. The image originally resembled that of the the Plushie, but was changed.
  • Convert Halloween and Christmas pages from previous years to using tables, rather than lists.
  • Reorganize, combine, and elaborate on many of the basic help articles.
  • Do you have a suggestion for this list? Send a PM to [Lammy] on Wajas.

How to Help

You can browse around the pages on the wiki and find ways to improve them or create new pages by clicking red links or searching for page titles that haven't been made yet (Note: please only create a new page if it is a specific topic, you have substantial information on the subject, and an existing page covering that topic does not already exist). The "To Do List" should also have a list of specific things to do.

Before making any changes to the Wiki, please refer to the [to Basic Editing].

Wiki uses a unique markup system. Here are some guides to wiki editing:


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